Sample order

Looking for the best fabric for clothing or interiors? We have been working with the haute couture market for over 20 years and have found the best suppliers from all over the world. You can see it for yourself by ordering our fabric samples.

We recommend that you order test samples before placing a large order to make sure that the fabric, color, and print scale meet your expectations.

Ordering fabric samples for printing, you will be able to check the quality of our fabrics, as well as the quality of the color on the patterns, prints or plain dyes.

  • Our palette with test samples presents natural, synthetic and artificial fabrics.
  • Shades of color will look different on different bases, depending on the composition, density, weave, and whiteness of the fabric.
  • The print base is white. A print is applied over the white fabric, and this allows you to get the color you expect with absolute certainty.