We make it possible for everyone to print fabrics for clothing, interiors, furniture, corporate and souvenir items, while respecting and protecting the environment.

Looking for sustainable production and high quality fabric? Then we are on the way!

Print-a-porter is a digital platform that combines textile printing with minimal water, electricity and chemical consumption. Our fabric dyeing methods are the most advanced in Russia and Europe in terms of color rendition quality, durability and environmental friendliness.


Digital printers made in Italy

Sublimation printer MS JP4 evo for printing on synthetic and artificial textiles, and MS JP7 for printing on natural fabrics.


Textile inks

We use reactive inks for direct printing on fabric, and sublimation inks for sublimation printing. All the inks withstand washing, cleaning, and wear. They meet all international standards (STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®).


Quality control

The production processes are controlled by production management system at every phase. We are confident in the quality of our products.



  • Speed of printing on natural fabrics: 200 m/h, compared to market average of 25 m/h;
  • Speed of printing on synthetic fabrics: 250 m/h compared to market average of 30 m/h;
  • 5 days or more: speed of fabric printing on your order;
  • 7 days or more: speed of delivering your order.



  1. We strive to reduce the use of non-biodegradable fabrics such as synthetic fibers.
    This is why we purchased the world’s most powerful equipment for environmentally friendly digital printing on natural fabrics.


  2. We want to give everyone the opportunity to create individual clothes: flowing dresses, stylish shirts, elegant suits, cozy pajamas in any color, and freely choose fabrics for your home interiors.
    This is why we developed Print-a-porter, a digital platform where you can order printing on fabric from 0.5 m2 and get it anywhere in the country.


  3. We want to showcase talented textile designers and artists, and give them opportunity to gain fame and recognition.
    This is why we created Russian community of textile designers, so that everyone could show their work to large audience, earn money and improve professional skills.




Latest generation European printing equipment and high-quality inks do not harm natural environment, but make it possible for every woman to get the fabric of exactly the color of her dreams. How do we take care of the environment?

Water saving

We use dry printing, which means that we do not wash tons of fabric after the printing process, and our work does not leave any water contaminated.


Water-soluble inks

We use water-soluble inks for printing. They are hypoallergenic, completely biodegradable and absolutely eco-friendly.


Waste-free production

We do not print for stock and do not throw away fabric scraps. 92 million tons of textiles end up in landfills around the world every year, and we don’t want to be part of this.