Printing on fabrics

What determines the color intensity of the pattern on your future dress, shirt, furniture upholstery or bed linen? It is the combination of fabric, ink and printing method.


Any fabric may change the color of its pattern during printing. This is especially true in case of digital printing, because the final result is only visible on the finished item. The color may look different on structured fabrics depending on the angle of view. However, none of these difficulties will affect you: you will get your fabric for sewing any item in exactly the color you expected to see.


Our experts take into account all the features of your order and guarantee perfect color quality, no matter what you choose as a basis. We guarantee a colorful pattern with subtlest nuances of colors on any fabric and any type of fibers.


Printing on natural fabrics: silk, cotton, viscose

For natural fabrics, direct digital printing is used: the design is applied directly to the fabric without using any intermediate films, meshes or other media. You get perfectly accurate, photographic color rendition on fabrics. To meet your expectations, we give consideration to everything from the fabric flocking to the amount of ink that will achieve the desired color. Note that our textile printer inks are eco-friendly and completely harmless.

Printing time

3 to 5 working days; Natural silk: 7 to 14 working days.


Printing on synthetic fabric: faux satin, jacquard

For synthetic fabrics, sublimation printing is used, in which the ink is thermally transferred from a temporary carrier to fiber at high temperature. This method will also deliver the brightest colors and the subtlest shades - this is possible because the ink gets transformed into gaseous state (sublimation) and so can get deep into the weaves of synthetic fibers. This printing method is not at all suitable for natural fabrics, as it requires 99 to 100% polyester content.

Printing time

3 to 5 working days


Take a look at our detailed description of each type of textile, presented as bases for printing.